foto-marcelo-andre-2016Competence, professionalism and involvement. These are some of the many adjectives that lead me to admire and respect your work.

An admirable sensitivity photographer, a grand person of enlightened soul. An ethical and respectful person.

His gaze reflects his sharp sense of composition and harmony, attentive and knowledgeable of the Laws of Gestalt. Quick reflection in search of the perfect click. Patient, because nature often presents itself in a single moment, the right time of light and shadow or even by chance. Prepared to support the nature Photo difficulties, sports and urban situations, delicate and adverse moments.

Marcelo is a great work partner, companion and creator of numerous projects. His professional profile is collaboration, not just performer. One of his main features is to give body and soul, to engage with the project guidelines and participate with suggestions and ideas. And better yet, to know that he will always surprise us.